Mainstay Services

Constructability Advice

A project can benefit immensely from ‘constructability’ advice provided by a construction contractor in the early stages of design development.

Cost Planning & Estimates

Projects often benefit from the early involvement of head contractors in cost planning and development of project budget estimates.

Competitive Tender

When competitive tender is our client’s preferred delivery method, we use a number of management systems that combine to ensure the preparation of a comprehensive, relevant and competitive tender submission.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a popular project delivery method. Clients can engage a contractor to manage the construction progress without the need to firm-up construction costs at the start of the construction period.

Design Management

Clients often benefit significantly from engaging a head contractor under a design and construction management arrangement.

Sector Experience

Experience in both project type and project sector is important. Clients want to be confident that their building contractor has the necessary skills and experience to complete the project - whatever is involved.